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Anti-Access Warfare: Countering A2/AD Strategies
Anti-Access Warfare: Countering A2/AD Strategies

Anti-Access Warfare: Countering A2/AD Strategies by Sam J. Tangredi

Anti-Access Warfare: Countering A2/AD Strategies

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Anti-Access Warfare: Countering A2/AD Strategies Sam J. Tangredi ebook
Format: pdf
Page: 256
Publisher: Naval Institute Press
ISBN: 9781612511863

With the advantage of operating near its land borders, China's defensive strategy relies on submarines, cyber-warfare and missile technology to deter the US. Counter A2AD (Anti-Access Area Denial, Pentagonese for China's basic military strategy) technology and employment. China's growing naval power has not been lost to the other For the Americans, having Vietnam on its side is an important piece to counter China. Defense of undersea cables and networks. Jan 11, 2013 - Although a fighter jet may have landed on the carrier deck, China will need a robust multi-aircraft fleet on the carrier, which will include planes designated for Beyond Line of Sight, Anti-Submarine and Surface warfare and many more,” the anonymous Navy . Sep 17, 2013 - Source: DefenseNews. While US CENTCOM continues to observe China's anti-access and area denial (A2/AD) strategy, President Obama's administration has not delayed in exercising a policy and funding 'pivot' towards Asia Pacific. May 19, 2014 - The Chinese have a adopted a strategy of a Anti-Access/Anti-Denial (A2/AD) against the US. By the Air Force, Navy, and Marine Corps will endeavour to foster positive changes in the institutional relationships among the services, the integration of acquisition strategies, and the conceptual approach to warfare. Apr 19, 2013 - Over the last several years, research into China's Anti-Access/Area-Denial (A2/AD) strategy in the Pacific Commons has swelled here in the United States and around the world. Jan 19, 2013 - Highlights include: 1. Review, former US Secretary of Defense Robert Gates had directed the US Navy, US Air Force and US Marine Corps to develop a comprehensive concept to counter emerging anti-access/area denial (A2/AD) challenges, primaril;y of Chinese origin. Apr 17, 2012 - If Air-Sea Battle is the why of American Pacific presence, overcoming [Chinese] anti-access/area denial (A2AD) is the how.

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